Professional Services

Incorporation of Company

We will provide our recommendation to our clients in order to let our clients incorporate the most suitable type of company for their business based on their needs and mode of operation. We are able to incorporate the following companies to our clients:

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Partnership

  • Limited Company incorporated in Hong Kong

    • Private Company

    • Company Limited by Guarantee

  • Overseas Company

    • BVI (British Virgin Island)

    • Samoa

    • Caymand Island

    • Vanuatu

Company Secretary

According to the Hong Kong Company Ordinance, every company must appoint a secretary, where the company secretary can be a natural person or a corporate. The principle duties of the company secretary are to ensure the company is operating align with the requirement stated in the Company Ordinance and processing and keeping the company statutory records properly.


Our company secretary services include the following:

  • Preparation and submitting the Annual Return (NAR1)

  • Shares Transfer

  • Issue of Share Capital

  • Change of Business Name

  • Change of Business Nature

  • Change of Company Name

  • Change of Company’s Registered Address

  • Application of Branch Business Registration Certificate

  • Appoint or Resign of Director(s)

  • Restore De-registered Company

  • De-registration of Company

Taxation Services

We are providing comprehensive taxation services to our clients from different industries. We provide our taxation services with our years of experience and professions, our services including the following:


  • Individual Tax

    • Filing Salary Tax Return

    • Application of Personal Assessment

    • Filing Property Tax Return

    • Lodge Objection Against non-reasonable Estimated Assessment or Tax Assessment

    • Tax Planning

  • Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

    • Tax Representative

    • Filing the Profits Tax Return

    • Filing the Employers’ Return

    • Lodge Objection Against non-reasonable Estimated Assessment or Tax Assessment

    • Tax Planning

  • Limited Companies

    • Tax Representative

    • Filing the Profits Tax Return

    • Filing the Employers’ Return

    • Lodge Objection Against non-reasonable Estimated Assessment or Tax Assessment

    • Application for Extension of Profits Tax Return Filing Deadline

    • Tax Planning

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Bookkeeping Services

According to the Inland Revenue Ordinance (IRO), all the companies must keep their accounting records properly. We are providing the following bookkeeping services to our clients:


  • Preparing books of accounts monthly, quarterly or yearly

  • Preparing annual financial statements including Statement of Financial Position and Income Statement

  • Managing old book of accounts

  • Computerized accounting which prepare general ledgers and financial statements

  • Filing and managing accounting materials for taxation or auditing purpose

  • Providing consultancy services to client in respect of accounting, management, taxation and auditing

Auditing Service

Auditing services includes statutory auditing and non-statutory auditing (special auditing).

  • Statutory Auditing


According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, the annual financial statements of limited company incorporated in Hong Kong should be audited by Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants (Practising), for the purpose of presenting for shareholders’ review in annual general meeting. In addition, Inland Revenue Department requires company to submit the profits tax return with the audited financial statements for the purpose of tax assessment


During the auditing process, we are able to understand our clients’ industry, business operation, organizational structure and risks management, where we could identify the existing and potential management and operational problems and could provide possible solutions for our client to resolve the identified problems.


  • Non-statutory Auditing (Special Auditing)


We are providing the special auditing services to our client based on their needs and situations shown as below:


  • Auditing the accounts of sole proprietorship and partnership

  • Prepare due diligent report for merger and acquisition

  • Special auditing on company’s income in order to prepare an audited income report for clients to submit to their landlord for the purpose of tenancy arrangement

Field Audit and Investigation

The Field Audit and Investigation Unit of Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is responsible to conduct tax field audits and investigations on businesses and individuals with a view to fight against possible tax evasion and avoidance.


For field audit, the IRD officers will visit taxpayer’s business premises and examine the accounting records in order to check whether the reported profits are correct.


Tax investigation is an in-depth examination where tax evasion is suspected. It usually covers 6 years of assessment prior to the year of assessment in which the investigation commences. In case of fraud or willful evasion, it may be extended to cover 10 years of assessment.


We have years of experience in dealing the field audit and investigation cases, we are able to review the clients’ accounts and records in order to identify the problems and could act as tax representative to reply and provide information to IRD for their consideration.

Registration of Trademark

In order to protect the company’s good will and image, a trademark can be used to promote and distinguish the goods and services of the trademark owners from those of others. Trademark can be words, indications, letters, characters, numerals, colors or any combination of these.


All the trademarks can be registered in Hong Kong and overseas.

Incorporation of Vanuatu Company

We have established our branch company at Vanuatu in 2016, named as “ANDAS FAN & CO (VANUATU) LIMITED. We are able to provide the services of incorporating Vanuatu Limited Company and International Limited Company for our clients.


Once the company is incorporated, we will provide a full-set of accounting and secretarial services to our clients, including submitting the company documents to government, submitting the annual return, bookkeeping and auditing. In addition, we could arrange reservation for opening bank account in Vanuatu.


To differentiate from other company secretarial services providers, we have employed Vanuatu’s local lawyer and staff in our operation, as a result, we could solve the queries of our clients and eliminate the responding time.

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